Many people do not realize that our pets are just as vulnerable to asthma and allergies as we are.  In
our corner of Texas, we are subjected to more allergenic substances than most other areas. Some
animals will present with what we consider typical signs of allergies such as sneezing, running nose, or
not feeling well. However, most commonly, our pets demonstrate allergy symptoms much differently
than their human counterparts.  Dogs and cats usually will have skin problems such as dander, itchy  
skin, ear infections, and anal gland infections.

There are veterinary dermatologists here in the Dallas area to serve your needs.  They are able to
perform skin tests for allergy hypersensitivity.  These are the same tests used in human medicine.  In
our hospital, we are able to offer a blood test to help determine the common causes of inhaled and
food allergies.  We are also able to offer a food trial to help eliminate the possibility or complications of
a food allergy.

We have many different treatment options for our pets with chronic or intermittent allergies.  
Eliminating the source of the allergy or the allergic response is obviously the first choice.  When a food
allergy is involved, the patient can be placed on a restricted diet to prevent exposure to the offensive
ingredient.  When an inhaled allergy is diagnosed, we can remove the response by performing a series
of allergen injections to desensitize the patient.  We also have many prescription antihistamines and
shampoos at our disposal to help control the itching and irritation that frequently accompanies

Occasionally,  the patient (especially our feline friends) may have asthma either as the primary disease
or secondary to severe allergies or
heartworm disease.  In these patients, special care must be taken
veterinarian can make the best choice for you and your pet.veterinarian can make the best choice for
you and your pet.

Veterinarians and other animal health professionals work very hard to educate you, the owner.  Some
people are simply unaware of many aspects of animal care.  Below, you will find several links to other
web sites to help you in your endeavor to learn more about caring for you furry friends.  

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