While we would all prefer to leave our pets with family or at home, there are times when it
is necessary to leave your loved ones in the care of another person.  We at AHF offer
boarding facilities for these special occasions.  One bonus of being here is that a
veterinarian is always available for any problems that may arise in your absence.  Our staff
is well trained to take care of any medications and/or injections your pet may need while
staying with us.  If your pet has a special diet, we will gladly feed only that food.  You are
welcome to leave any toys or blankets that you think will help your loved one feel more
comfortable while staying with us.
All our kitties receive the
royal   treatment.  We have
a room far from the dogs
with pictures of kittens and a
window into the  hospital for
amusement.  We feed Pro
Plan Indoor Cat  Formula
and canned food
when needed.  Each of our
kitties gets a bed to hide in
and a litter box.  We also
provide them with play and
exercise time in the room.
during the day.  
Animal Hospital of Fate
1001 North W.E.Crawford  (Highway 66 in Fate)
Rockwall, Texas 75087
For our canine friends, we have
climate controlled cages and a
large fenced yard for recess
and bathroom breaks.  Only
family members and close
friends are allowed to play with
each other at recess, but
everyone gets plenty of time to
exhaust their energies.  
We feed Pro Plan EN which is
special diet to help maintain
intestinal integrity while they are
here.  Each of our puppies gets
a blanket or can bring their own
favorite bed.
Hope to see you and your pets soon!   You can just stop by to visit if you would like.

Darren L. Goucher, DVM
Dusty B. Goucher, DVM
The Staff of the Animal Hospital of Fate
We are always cleaning
commercial disinfectant
including COVID-19,
parvovirus, and distemper.