Dr. Dusty was born in upstate New York (as
an Air Force Brat), but her family is now here
in Sulphur Springs, Texas.  Her greatest
influence came from her mother and father,
Patsy and Bob Boshears.  From her, Dr.
Dusty learned dedication and persistence
with a healthy dose of compassion.  

After high school graduation, Dr. Dusty
attended East Texas State University (now
known as Texas A&M at Commerce) where
she received her Bachelor of Science in 1994.
Dr. Dusty was accepted into the Texas A&M
College of Veterinary Medicine where she
graduated with a Doctorate in Veterinary
Medicine in 2000.  During that time, Drs.
Dusty and Darren were married and had two
children. After graduation, Dr. Dusty and Dr.
Darren moved to this area and began
working.  Dr. Dusty has also cared for
patients of the feline variety at the Cat
Hospital of Collin County since 2002. Dr.
Dana Crigger has imparted much specialized
knowledge over the years.
Darren L. Goucher, DVM

Dr. Darren was born and raised in
Pasadena, Texas.  His greatest influence
was from a veterinarian, Tom Wilkes, DVM.  
There, he established a good work ethic
and perhaps most importantly, compassion.
After high school graduation, Dr. Darren
attended Texas A&M University and
received his Bachelor of Science in 1993.
In 1994, Dr. Darren was accepted into the
veterinary program at Texas A&M
University where he graduated Cum Laude
with a Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine in
1998.  After graduation, Dr. Darren went to
work for Dr. Dan Posey in Madisonville, TX
who become his second true mentor. “I
learned so much there, from both Dr.
Posey and his staff.  Probably the most
important thing I learned was that you must
treat people and their pets with the same
care you expect when you are the patient."  
Dr. Darren also worked in Sachse, Texas
before building the Animal Hospital of Fate.
Together, Dr. Darren and Dr. Dusty were able to realize their
long sought dream of owning their practice.  In December of
2004, the Animal Hospital of Fate opened its doors to serve the
rapidly growing community in and around Fate, Texas.  They
now make their home in Rockwall, Texas with their three
children, Lilly, Connor, and Adam.  
Lilly, Connor, and Adam
December 2008
welcome to call or stop by to see us.
Animal Hospital of Fate
1001 North W.E.Crawford  (Highway 66 in Fate)
Rockwall, Texas 75087
Adam loves nature
and all of God's