When surgery is necessary, we at AHF offer only the safest anaesthesia.  

The pulse rate and oxygenation levels of the tissues are monitored by a
technician and we have the ability to measure blood pressure also.  We
provide a water blanket circulating warm water around the patient during
surgery to prevent hypothermia and supplemental heat during recovery.

After surgery, your pet will receive an antibiotic injection to prevent
infection and pain.  You will also have antibiotics and pain control
medicine to give at home after surgery.   A warm, soft bed is provided to
help comfort the patient while waking from anaesthesia and our recovery
team is always monitoring and loving on your pet!

During complicated surgery, Drs.
Darren and Dusty Goucher will work
together to ensure the best possible
care for you loved one. Usually only
one doctor will perform the surgeries
for that day.

Luxating patellas are painful and need
to be repaired to prevent future
debilitating injuries.  The patella
luxation is repaired by deepening the
femoral groove and repairing the
damaged tissues.

Dr. Dusty Goucher performs bilateral
entropion surgery on an English
Bulldog. In this procedure, the
excessive skin around the eye is
removed to bring the eyelid to normal
position and prevent trauma to eye.
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If you would like to talk about a specific procedure or would like to know exactly
which anaesthetics we use, please give us a call.