Bed & Breakfast / Boarding                              ----             Our facilities make it easy and hours are convenient.
Bloodwork                                                         ----             Bloodwork can diagnose disease early.                     
Bordetella / Kennel Cough Vaccination            ----              Kennel cough can be costly if not prevented.            
Comprehensive Physical Exam                         ----             Early detection can lead to longer, healthier lives.     
Cremation (Private or Communal)                                
Diabetes Monitoring
Distemper Vaccination                                      ----            Vaccinations keep your pet from getting diseases.    
Drug Monitoring
Feline Respiratory Vaccination / PRC / FVRCP ---            Vaccinations keep your pet from getting diseases.    
Feline Leukemia Vaccination                            ----            The only of the 3 viruses we can prevent.                  
Feline Leukemia / FIV Testing                           ----           Knowing can help prevent further spread.                 
Grooming (Basic)                                                                                                     
Heartworm Testing                                            ----           One drop of blood and 10 minutes can save a life.       
Heartworm Treatment                                       ----            Prevention is best, but treatment is second best.      
Intestinal Parasite Testing                                ----            Fecal exams can prevent problems before they arise.
Leptospirosis Vaccination                                 ----            Vaccinations keep your pet from getting diseases.         
Lymes Vaccination                                            ----            Lymes is easily transferred by ticks.                             
Nail Trim                                                            ----            We do offer sedation, if necessary.                               
Parvovirus Vaccination                                      ----            Puppies are especially susceptible to parvovirus.  
Pharmacy in house                                           ----             Most of your pharmaceutical needs will be met here
Pharmacy on-line                                              ----            You can order, pay, and have it shipped to your house
Rabies -- Canine                                               ----            The 3 year vaccine for dogs is available here.          
Rabies -- Feline                                                 ----            It's less likely to cause cancer in kitties!                    
Radiographs                                                      ----            X-rays are valuable tools in diagnosing disease
Reproduction Services                                      ----            Artificial insemination and assisted breeding             
Thyroid Monitoring
Ultrasound available by specialist
Urinalysis                                                           ----           Kidney disease can easily be detected early.            
Omnitrol for Dogs                        -- Monthly protection from fleas and ticks.
Capstar                                       -- Fast relief from fleas.  Begins working in just 15 minutes.
Carpet Deodorizer                      -- For those 'accidents'.
CET Chews                                 -- Like rawhides, but better and without the danger.
Hairball Treatment / Prevention  -- Laxatone and Fiber Formula Treats
Iverheart Max Chewables           -- Monthly heartworm prevention in a palpatable form.
iVET                                           -- Over the counter food for the overall health of your pet.
Nutritional Supplements              -- Fatty acid supplements, joint health supplements and vitamins.
Oravet Oral Care Products         -- Once a week equals twice a day brushing!
Shampoos                                   -- Routine and prescription shampoos available.
Treats                                         -- Prescriptions and healthy treats for cats and dogs.
Yesterdays News Litter               -- Recycled newspaper for when you need clean feet (like after surgery).
Veterinary Prescription Diets      --  We  can order specialty diets for your dog or cat.
Animal Hospital of Fate
1001 North W.E.Crawford  (Highway 66 in Fate)
Rockwall, Texas 75087
Puppy Dewclaw Removal
Puppy Tail Docking
Tooth Extractions