Veterinarians and other animal health professionals work very hard this month to educate you, the
owner.  Some people are simply unaware of many aspects of animal care. We have provided several
links to other websites about caring for you furry friends.

National Pet Wellness month was started by the American Veterinary Medical Association in
combination with other organizations to promote better health awareness for your cherished
companions. Because cats and dogs age 5-7 times more rapidly than people, it is recommended to
have examinations twice a year, especially for pets over 7 years of age. This means that major health
changes can occur in a short amount of time, and pet owners may not be aware of these problems.

It is a protective instinct for dogs and cats to hide illness. An examination every six months allows our
doctors to identify subtle changes in your fuzzy loved one. Identifying disease processes in the early
stages allows for the best possible outcome with treatment. We at the Animal Hospital of Fate support
this campaign as an effort to provide the best care possible for your furry friends. Please remember to
bring a fecal sample to the visit, as microscopic parasites can be present even if your buddy's poop
looks normal.

Below, you will find links to web sites that can help you in your endeavor to learn more.  Of course, we
have pamphlets and handouts available in the office also. Have you ever wondered how your pet's age
compares to your age? How old is your pet?  Do cats hide their illnesses better than other pets? Are
there things you should be doing every day besides feeding your loved one?  You can find out!  

National Pet Wellness Month

Wellness Exams - How Often?  

AVMA - Why have wellness exams?
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If you are interested in health insurance for your loved one, the American Veterinary Medical Association
recommends Veterinary Pet Insurance.  You can also call 800-USA-PETS.
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