National Nutrition Month

OM: Overweight Management: Obesity is prevalent in approximately 25% of our pets. The extra
weight can be associated with lameness, arthritis, diabetes, heart disease, exercise intolerance,
overheating, increased surgical and anesthetic risk, and reduced life span.  This special diet offers
high levels of protein to help your pet lose fat without losing muscle.  It also offers low fat and higher
fiber to help your loved one shed pounds without being hungry.  OM is available as dry, canned, and
even has special treats available.  

NF: kidNey Function:  Kidney disease is present in 9 out of every 1000 dogs and 16 out of every
1000 cats.  Kidney disease can occur at any age, but is most prevalent in our elderly.  The kidneys
can no longer process waste products efficiently, so this diet helps by decreasing the amount of
sodium, phosphorous and protein without compromising overall good health and nutrition.  Potassium
is added to the diet to help maintain balanced electrolytes.  This diet is available as dry and canned.

CV: CardioVascular:  Heart disease is a serious health problem in dogs and cats.   Heart disease
can be congenital (present from birth) or acquired and both are very serious.  Purina developed this
diet to help a patient with heart disease live a fuller and longer life.  By decreasing the amount of
sodium in the diet, the patient will not retain as much water.  Diuretics can cause a loss of valuable
vitamins and minerals.  CV contains extra B-complex vitamins and potassium to help replenish any
loss from medications.  CV is available as dry and canned.

JM: Joint Mobility: Many older and heavier dogs have joint problems or early arthritis.  This canine
diet is formulated to promote joint health by providing long-chain omega-3 fatty acids, high levels of
antioxidants, and natural sources of glucosamine.  These ingredients are providing the necessary
nutrients to help the joints be the healthiest that they can be.  JM also offers a high protein to calorie
ratio to help maintain a lean body mass, which means that it can actually help an overweight dog lose
a little weight.  JM is available as dry only.

LM: Limited Antigen:  Allergies can be very disruptive to normal life for your pet. The inflammation,
allergic dermatitis, and other skin conditions can usually be controlled with some diet modification.
Purina has two approaches to help with these allergies.  LM represents the novel protein strategy.  
The most common offending proteins are removed from the diet and replaced with protein sources
such as salmon, trout, and canola which are not usually found in dog foods. LA is available as dry

HA: HypoAllergenic:  This food was also developed with allergies in mind, but takes a slightly
different approach.  The protein sources have been modified and reduced in size so that the body is
less likely to become allergic to them.  This diet is great to use as an elimination diet.  By feeding HA
and water, we can usually determine whether or not food allergies are a major contributing problem.
HA is available as dry and treats.

EN: gastroENteric:  Gastrointestinal disease is one of the most common reasons dogs are brought
to us.  Symptoms can vary from mild loss of appetite to constipation, excess gas, vomiting, and
diarrhea.  Some conditions are serious and require intervention.  Diet can be an effective and
relatively easy intervention.  Purina's research team developed a diet that is low in fat and has highly
digestible triglycerides.  The GI system doesn't have to work as hard to absorb the nutrients your dog
needs to recover.  EN is available in dry and canned.

DCO: Diabetes COlitis: Diabetes mellitus is a serious, but usually controllable disease.  Most diabetic
dogs require insulin or medications, but the diet can play a crucial role in managing this disease.  
Many other dogs have a fiber-responsive diarrhea, colitis, or constipation problems.  DCO was
developed by Purina for these troubled pets.  It provides a blend of soluble and insoluble fiber with a
high level of complex carbohydrates to delay glucose absorption and reduce extreme fluctuations
while  nourishing the cells in the colon and normalizing colon function.  This complete diet is available
only in dry.


UR: URinary:  Urinary tract problems are very common in cats.  They can range from simple one time
infections to chronic infections or crystals and stones.  The most common crystals are struvite crystals
and can be dissolved and prevented with the UR diet.  Many signs of urinary tract disease are vague
and may be mistaken for behavioral issues, but some are obvious and these can lead to fatal
problems if not seen immediately.  Purina developed this diet with reduced amounts of ash and
magnesium and increased amounts of taurine and potassium  to balance the proper nutrition needed
for our troubled kitties.  UR is available in dry, canned, and semi-moist.

DM: Diabetes Management:  Many (1 in 400) of our kitty cats have diabetes mellitus.  Thankfully,
we have many ways to help them lead healthy, active life styles.  Overweight and middle aged cats
seem to be the most at risk for developing this disease.  Purina has developed the DM diet to work
with the cat's unique metabolism to help manage glucose levels.  This diet can actually reduce the
amount of insulin required by your kitty.  Purina research shows that diets high in protein and low in
carbohydrates help stabilize glucose levels.  DM is available in dry and canned formulas.

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