July is National Ice Cream Month thanks to President Reagan!

While we love a little ice cream to help us cool down, our pets do not indulge in this
summer heat. Obviously being inside with the air conditioning in one way. Offering a
swimming pool with cool water is another way.   You could place ice chips in their water
bowls and be sure there is plenty of shade and wind flow  where they like to hang out.   
Many dogs will dig to get to the lower levels of cooler dirt during  this oppressive heat.

Pets are only able to cool off through their tongues and pads on their feet. They do not
sweat all over their bodies like we do. Therefore, it is harder and takes longer for them
to cool off than the average human. Heat stroke in pets is a life-threatening situation
caused by an abnormally high rise in body temperature. When your pet's body
temperature rises too high (rectal temperature over 103F can be problematic),
numerous organs can be damaged.   The most important organs put at risk include the
heart, liver, kidneys, and brain.  

Situations or conditions that lead to heat stroke include:
*Pets left outdoors in hot and humid weather.
*Exercising your pet in hot and humid weather.
*Leaving your pet in a car in direct sun or warm day EVEN with cracked windows.
*Young and old animals are more sensitive to high temperatures as well as heavy
coated dogs and certain breeds such as the boxer, shih-tzu, pekingese, and bulldog.
*Animals with a history of seizures, heart or lung disease.

Signs of heat stroke can include:
*excessive salivation
*difficulty breathing
*bloody diarrhea
*high body temperature
*dry gums
*dark pink gums
*weakness, seizure, or collapse

First aid includes cooling your pet down as quickly as possibly to aid in bringing the
body temperature back to normal. If the incident occurs at home place your pet in a bath
tub or shower with running, cool water or if outside use the garden hose. In every
situation, veterinary care should be sought as a result of medical problems that could
arise following the incident. Some critical outcomes may not be immediately apparent.

If you have any concerns or questions, please call us or email us at
pools are a
great place to
cool off!

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