National Dental Month
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Animal Hospital of Fate
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Enamel is the hard outer coating of the tooth. It is for protection and is the hardest substance in the body.    

Dentin is the main substance of the tooth. It provides structure and protection for the pulp.      

Pulp is the inner portion of the tooth that provides nutrients and sensation to the tooth.                          

Cementum is the layer of the tooth that assists in support by allowing the periodontal ligament to attach to the

Periodontal Ligament  is the tissue that connects the tooth to the bone to hold the tooth in place.

Crown is the portion of the tooth that is visible above the gum line and  consists of the enamel, dentin, and pulp.

Root  is the portion of the tooth that is below the gum line and not visible. It consists of the dentin, pulp, cementum,
and periodontal ligament.

Dental disease can be classified in four stages.  
Below you will find examples and explanations for each stage.

Stage I
Gingival inflammation:  rounded, red, irritated gum lines.
No bad breath
Some tartar will be present.

Stage II
Gingival disease has begun: red, rounded gums
Reduced attachment to teeth </= 25%
Mild bad breath

Stage III
Gingival disease progressed: red gums, recessed in places
Reduced attachment to teeth 25-50%
Bone loss
Bad breath

Stage IV
Severe disease with severe gingival recession and very deep
pockets present in the gums.
Severe bad breath
Bone loss
Teeth are mobile

One very common problem in the young are baby teeth that do not
fall out when they are scheduled.  The canines are the most common
teeth to be retained.  If they are retained before the spay or neuter
surgery, we will usually remove them.  As the blood supply lessens to
these teeth, they can become problematic.

Veterinarians and other animal health professionals work very hard to educate you, the owner.  Some people are simply
unaware of many aspects of animal care.  Below, you will find several links to other web sites to help you in your endeavor to
learn more about caring for you furry friends.  
In honor of National Dental Month, we are
offering a discount to all our customers.

10% OFF entire dental prophylaxis during
the month of February only.
Dental disease is contributes to and may be responsible for many different disease processes
throughout the body such as liver, kidney, and heart problems. Of course, there is the obvious
discomfort and down-right pain we have all experienced from minor gingival disease and cavities.
Call us with any questions or concerns you
Dusty B. Goucher, DVM
The Staff of the Animal Hospital of Fate