Veterinarians and other animal health professionals work very hard to educate you, the owner.  Some
people are simply unaware of many aspects of animal care.  Below, you will find several links to other
web sites to help you in your endeavor to learn more about caring for you furry friends.  
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Heartworm is a life-threatening disease that need
convenient, and affordable. Ask us how to protect
your pet. Contact us today to schedule an
Animal Hospital of Fate
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Our furry feline friends are
also susceptible to
Heartworm Disease.

Many people do not realize
the significant risk to their
indoor cats as well as their
outdoor cats.

We have a prevention for
heartworm infection in
cats, but do not have a
treatment for them.  Please
ask about the different
types of prevention we can
use to prevent this deadly
disease in your kitty.

1. Heartworms are transmitted by mosquitoes, not through contact with other dogs or their feces.
2.  ALL dogs are at risk (as well as cats), regardless of whether the are considered indoor or outdoor pets.
3.  Signs of heartworm disease may not be visible until its later stages.
4.  We can diagnose a heartworm infection with an easy blood test.
5.  Treatment for heartworm disease is expensive, lengthy, and traumatic, and its outcome could be
10% of Diagnostic Bloodwork

*In The Month of April
Feline Heartworm Disease